RF Equipment Courses

Our RF Equipment Courses will familiarize new users with the CTL|SystemWare product line, utilizing hands on exercises to better understand how to detect, identify, analyze, and locate RF threats. At the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Setup, network, configure a Sensor and Resource Manager for single Sensor operation 
  • Run Baseline and Comparison Sweeps in real-time 
  • Perform Real-Time Analysis of signals of interest
  • Perform Post-Collection Analysis of signals of interest
  • Configure the product for use with optional devices
  • Understand the relationship between saved data files, baseline files, difference files, and exceedance files
  • Create baseline files, difference files, and exceedance files from different data files

Current RF Equipment Courses offered:

  • Spectrum Guard RF Equipment Course
  • Raider III RF Equipment Course


Cellular Network Fundamentals Course

The Cellular Network Fundamentals course covers the basic concepts and architecture of modern cellular networks. Students will learn cellular network history, theory, and architecture. Students will also be introduced to and gain an understanding of implementation, performance and operation of 2G-5G cellular networks. The instructor will facilitate discussions centered on practical and theoretical issues concerning cellular networks and infrastructure. This 3-5 day course is offered as a standalone training solution or in conjunction with Network Guard or other cellular systems training.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the key features of various cellular networks and Radio Access Technologies (RATs) and their respective advantages/disadvantages
  • Define the key components and subsystems of cellular networks
  • Draw out the architecture of various common cellular networks including the network elements, subsystems, and interfaces
  • Describe mobile subscriber behavior including power-up, connecting to the network, and accessing network services
  • Describe uplink and downlink traffic and messaging in cellular networks and associated logical channels
  • Discuss cellular network privacy and security

Course Length: Three to Five days


Custom Training Course

The Custom Training Course is designed to provide a medium to develop new techniques in signal acquisition, identification, analysis and localization. The customer and CTL|SystemWare instruction staff will jointly develop custom topics, objectives, and scenarios to meet user-defined mission sets, challenges, use-cases and emerging technological challenges.

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