Raider III


Portable RF Collection and Analysis

For Static and Mobile Applications, Real-Time or Post Collection

Raider III RF Portable Spectrum Collection and Analysis. *The Raider III is an Export Controlled Product

The CTL|SystemWare Raider III is a portable, fully functional, turnkey Radio Frequency (RF) collection and analysis platform. Its modular, durable, fan-less, small form factor design, and low power consumption make it ideal for static or mobile application. Raider III can operate independently or as part of a multi-sensor system through either direct or remote control. Fast Sweep Speeds and new automated tools ensure threat signals using modern technology are captured for real-time or post collect analysis. The Raider III’s unique monitoring software allows any user, regardless of experience level, to effectively and efficiently operate the system with confidence.

Multiple Uses:

  • Spectrum Mapping
  • RF Route Recon
  • Real-Time Signal Searches
  • Threat Signal Identification
  • Wireless Network Detection & Analysis
  • Indications & Warnings
  • Signal Verification
  • Channel Scan
  • SIGINT Database Development
  • Communications Support
  • High-Energy Searches
  • Frequency Management


Raider III with 70GHz Spectrum display screen

Hardware Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 1 kHz - 18 GHz
  • RF Input: 50 ohms
  • Custom Broadband Microwave Receiver
  • Dynamic Range: 110db at IF
  • Tuning Resolution: 1 kHz
  • Capture Bandwidth: 40 MHz
  • Network Bandwidth Consumption > 250kbs

Optional 70 GHz Extender:

Raider III Optional 70 GHz Extender
  • Conversions to Extremely High Frequencies Addressing 802.11ad and Other Signals Exceeding 60 GHz Frequencies
  • Pre-selector Filtering
  • Compact Rugged Package
  • Low Power: <20 W
  • USB Controlled

Software Functions and Capabilities:

  • Sweep the RF Spectrum with User-Defined Frequency Parameters
  • Single or Multiple Sweep Segments over the full frequency response
  • Fast Sweep Speeds
  • Frequency (Channel) Scan
  • Dynamic Re-Tasking of Sweep Parameters to Meet an Immediate Collection Mission
  • Multiple Visual Representations of the RF Spectrum - 2D/Persistence Trace, Waterfall Display, Resizable Displays
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
  • Analog Signal Demodulation (AM/FM)
  • One-Button or Automatic Audio Recording
  • Classification of Common Digital and Analog Signals
  • Wireless Network Detection and Identification with GPS Tagging
  • Video Recreation
  • Wide Band (Short Duration) IF Snapshot Recording
  • Post Analysis Collection Tools
  • Signal of Interest Search
  • Consolidated Exceedance List Report
  • Signal Template and Fingerprint

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