Network Guard


Protect yourself from cell phone interception

Network Guard hardware

The Network Guard suite of products protects your mobile communications from nefarious surveillance, hacking, and interception through unmatched technology capable of detecting and locating rogue base stations and mobile phone interceptors.

Example Users:

  • Governments
  • Law Enforcement Organizations
  • Corporate Enterprises
Rogue Base Station

World-class Technology:

  • Simultaneous scanning of multiple radio access technologies
  • Real-time analysis and alerting engine
  • Integrated with CTL-SystemWare’s Resource Manager 2 software offering direct monitoring, configuration and tasking as a single endpoint solution or part of a larger multi-sensor deployment.
  • Integrated GPS for accurate positional info
  • Passive cellular downlink scanning and decoding
  • Web-based command and control•
  • Command and control over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Remote out-of-band communication over cellular modem
  • Integrated vector mapping
  • Multiple export data formats
  • System can operated in autonomous mode
  • Extensible platform to support future mission requirements
  • Deployed with government organizations worldwide
  • Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.



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